About the American Cytogenetics Conference

The American Cytogenetics Conference is an educational organization composed of a group of interested professionals in the world of cytogenetics. The biennial conference is an opportunity for the sharing of ideas and learning about new technologies and discoveries in the field of cytogenetics. The conference provides a collegial atmosphere with several scientific sessions for learning and ample time for networking with colleagues. For more information please see our upcoming conference, past conferences and history.

History of the Conference

The Gatlinburg Meeting on Mammalian Chromosomes and Somatic Cell Genetics, held in 1962, has been deemed the first meeting of what would become the American Cytogenetics Conference.  The meeting title underwent many changes over the course of the years including the Mammalian Chromosome Conference, the Mammalian Cytology and Somatic Cell Genetics Conference and the Somatic Cell Genetics Conference. These changes reflected the current focus in the field of cytogenetics. In 1989 the meeting title was changed to the American Cytogenetics Conference. The frequency of the meetings also changed from annual to biennial. The purpose of these meetings, however, has always been centered on education, sharing of ideas and discussions of new discoveries in the field of cytogenetics. The links below, organized by decade, give an account of each of the meetings held since 1962, including location and organizers.

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