The following types of sponsorship are available.  If you would like to contribute to a portion of the reception or dinner, please indicate the amount of your contribution.  Recognition of your sponsorship will be provided by ACC at the event and in the abstract meeting format.  Please contact Sue Ann Berend to support the ACC by contributing to this meeting, along with the specifics of your contribution.  Please Note:  The exhibitor fee includes registration as a participant at the meeting for one person.  Your exhibitor fee will allow one person to attend scientific sessions, the receptions, and dinners.  Additional representatives may purchase registration at a reduced fee of $200 per person.



Exhibitor Fee                                   1 per company                   $2,500.00 each

Student Travel Awards                 3 avail. to sponsor             $1,000.00 each

Continental Breakfast                   3 avail. to sponsor             $1,000.00 each

Coffee Breaks                                  4 avail. to sponsor             $   750.00 each

Opening Reception                        1 avail. to sponsor             $4,000.00 each

Awards Dinner                                1 avail. to sponsor             $5,000.00 each

Casual Dinner & Party                  1 avail. to sponsor             $5,000.00 each

Invited Speakers                             3 avail. to sponsor             $5,000.00 each