Option 1

Make your own piece of glass art

At the Perry Glass Studio at the Chrysler Museum of Art, you’ll have the opportunity to make your very own piece of glass art. No experience is necessary! Proper footwear is required. Each guest will get to choose between a blown ornament or a solid, sculpted heart, starfish, or chromosome paperweight. Each participant will be able to choose two colors for their object and will work with the staff to create their personalized object.

Due to the need to slowly cool the pieces, pieces will be shipped when finished. There is a cafe at the museum (Zinnia Cafe) and several restaurants on the way. This is a 0.8 mile walk from the hotel.

Duration:  1.5 hours 

Fee: $60 including group glass class, shipping of cooled piece; lunch paid for by each participant

Option 2

Kayaking with a nature and eco guided tour of the Elizabeth River

Join us as we explore the Lafayette River on our Nature & Eco Tour. On this tour we discuss the river’s ecosystems, marine wildlife, issues facing the river, explore restoration efforts currently underway, and how we can help. If you’re lucky, we may see a pod of dolphins chasing fish or catch a bald eagle flying high above. This tour runs for 90 minutes and will cover approximately 2.5-3 miles of kayaking at a leisurely pace. All experience levels are welcome; however, please be prepared to paddle the majority of the time on the water. Lunch will be at the Starving Artist Cafe, next to the kayak launch. The launch is 3.3 miles from the hotel. We will try to coordinate rides for all participants.

There are 13 single boats (265 lb limit) and 6 tandem boats (400 lb limit) available.

Duration:  1.5 hours 

Fee: $65 which includes interpretive naturalist guide (and tip), kayak, paddle and personal life preserver rental, and lunch

Option 3

Inshore fishing charter

Come inshore fishing with a charter to the Chesapeake Light. You can find it thirteen miles from Virginia Beach, in the Atlantic Ocean. This is a prime spot for Virginia Beach inshore fishing. The light and its tower are fascinating to history buffs, but they might be even more fascinating for anglers. Its original purpose was to guide boats and ships to the entrance of the Bay, and while it certainly fulfills this purpose, it also attracts huge numbers of saltwater fish. See Aquaman Charters for more details.

Duration:  4 hours 

Min/Max:  6

Fee includes: Box lunch, boat, captain, bait & tackle, licensing, and tip. We will try to coordinate rides for all participants; there are usually have several people with cars in the fishing group. Sue Ann Berend is the group leader.


Option 4

Craft brews and lunch

Join us as we stroll up Granby Street to Tap It Local (0.3 miles) for drinks and lunch. Each participant pays their own tab.